Mattress Recycling

What Happens to My Mattresses?

The ease of an entirely online transaction makes it simple to set a date for mattress removal, pay for everything online, and forget about the rest. But have youMattress recycling ever wondered what happens to your old mattresses when they go through mattress recycling?

An average mattress consists of:
– Two kilograms of wood
– 12.5 kilograms of steel
– One and a half kilograms of foam

Mattress consists The foam taken from old mattresses can be used for refurbishments or simply thrown away, as this component will disintegrate over time. The wood components are better used for purposes other than letting them rot in a landfill, however, such as being used as material for garden mulch after being chipped and processed. The steel, on the other hand, can be sent to various bulk metal recyclers who then use them for myriad purposes, reducing the trash that landfills have to process.
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